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Because there are numerous ways to spend your time, money, energy and life force, it’s important to know what you can expect.

1. RESOLVE EATING DISORDERS OR NEGATIVE FOOD ISSUES – body hatred, bulimia, overeating, bingeing.  For some clients, as their eating disorders fade, their bodies change.  They go from large to thin, from emaciated to healthy and strong. The “yo-yoers”  reach a weight that is steady and feels good. Other women experience body love for themselves as they are.  This seems almost a crime to some women who believe you have to hate something to change it.  In my experience, putting “some air” around a long held belief can help it to shift.  Hatred often cements that perception in place.  I recently received an email from a women who is large and lovely to let me know she is part of a dance company and recently got engaged.  The main point is that she is happy and flourishing.  She put in the work and got the results.

2. SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS –Family Dynamics, Partner, Friends  Do you want a partner, have a partner, friends, intimacy? Want to improve your relationship with your family?  This work opens up loving channels to yourself and others.  In one ongoing group I led, about half the women met their life partners or developed committed relationships.  In another, three participants who wanted to have a children became pregnant at about the same time. Another woman realized she wanted close friends but not a partner.

3. MEANINGFUL WORK  - It is possible to improve what is working and change what is not, even if you are still deciding what to be “when you grow up.” (no matter how old you are) Will you become a “star” in your chosen field after one workshop?  Probably not.  This is not one on those, “earn millions from home in one afternoon” scams.  Will you be able to make better choices, assess the reality of a situation, discover a better course, develop the courage and a plan to affect change?  Yes.

4. HANDLE INTENSE EMOTIONS – Most of us want to grab something or someone when hit with overwhelming emotions, both positive and negative.  The sheer amount of energy flowing through us is way too much for our present circuitry. Most often, we turn this energy in on ourselves or those nearest. It may feel awful or so good you want to “blow it up.” With BTE we can increase our personal voltage, handling huge amounts  of energy safely and with much less discomfort.  Goodbye 40 watts, hello energy saving 200
Good for you and the environment.

5. AGING WITH CLASS AND SASS – a woman in one of my groups said, “I thought when I hit 68 men would stop coming on to me.  Why won’t they leave me alone?”  To which another woman replied, “send them over here.”  We all have our own specific desires, literally.  Let’s satisfy the healthy ones and toss the painful ones. The women I work with are of all ages.  You can feel old at 35 or 27 or 107. The women in my training group were  26 through 83, and one was even a Buddhist nun whose llama suggested she do this work.

Susan Greenhill is a certified therapist in New York City. She received her BA from University of Pennsylvania, MFA from Catholic University, and after a four year training program, certification in Biotransformational Energetic Therapy. She has been offering Body Image Workshops for Women since 1998.

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