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After receiving a BA from University of Pennsylvania, and an MFA from Catholic Universtiy, I entered a four year training program and received my therapeutic certification in Biotransformational Energetics. I got into this work because of my own painful food and body issues. I had tried so many medical and alternative pathways, different kinds of therapies and none of it worked (or not for very long). There was always that first rush of “this will fix me,” and then it was right back to my destructive behavior. Fortunately a very good friend of mine suggested attending a Biotransformational Energetic Workshop (called Transformational Energetics at the time) led by founder and psychotherapist Ann Case Bowman. BTE integrates Reich’s body defense structures, Alexander Lowen’s Bioenergetics, John Pierokas’ Core Energetics with other forms of mind body modalities and creative arts therapies.  It was in that workshop that I got my first glimpse of what it might like to be free from this painful behavior, not for a day or week, or even a month, but for always. I am happy to say, I may have other challenges in my life, but food and body issues are not among them. I have been bringing this work to groups of women for many years.


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