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A note - Because of the deeply personal nature of this work, I have promised all my clients confidentiality.  




"I met Susan Greenhill in NYC about 20 years ago and soon after started attending her body image workshops.  To say that the workshops stayed with me all these years is an understatement.  I move to the west coast about ten years ago but still utilize the exercises and tools I learned from Susan to this day!  When I think of her workshops I think of profound transformation through creative, fun play!  Susan is magical and incredibly insightful.  She has been one of the strongest influences on my path toward healing my body image.  I wholeheartedly recommend checking her workshops out and hope she get to this side of the country to share her magic soon."
J.J. Writer, Actor


"I was, at first, afraid to join any group where I had to share one of my longest held insecurities.  But, with amazing patience and understanding, Susan was able to make me feel safe to participate in her Body Image Workshops where, my fixation on weight – never quite right, always threatening to balloon – was overcome.  Susan taught that you learn and grow not in private, but in sharing.  Both the obsession of how I looked and the weight itself melted away and neither has ever returned."
P.R., Artist

"Susan is a nurturing soul.  She helped me find the strength to recognize there were many ways to cope with my stress.  Her approach is effective and has long lasting impact.  I am so grateful for her and her work."
L.M., Actor

"Working with Susan has been life changing, helped me to be more self aware, aware of how I interact with others and how they affect me.  A safe space to share! A playground, truly to be yourself in and find trust in others. pd
While attending Susan’s ongoing workshops, I fell in love, got married, became pregnant and published my first novel. Not a coincidence. Susan has a complete understanding and empathy for women’s body and emotional issues.  A member for almost four years, I continue to find the best support and guidance from her women’s group."

F.L., Singer

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